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The creators of Columbia Workshop were dedicated to helping the fledgling radio industry produce quality programming that would both entertain current listeners, and to set a high standard for the future of radio. The show premiered on CBS Network on July 18, 1936, running in several different time slots until 1942 when it halted for the duration of WWII. The show re-appeared on CBS's 1944 and 1945 summer schedules.

At first, the production and direction teams emphasized experimental techniques, largely due to the influence of director and playwright, Irving Rice. The Workshop became a prime venue for writers to submit scripts, and reading them all became more than a fulltime task. Some scripts were original while others were adaptations of classical works, such as by Lewis Carroll and Charles Dickens, and William Shakespeare's Hamlet and MacBeth, both played by a young Orson Welles.

The brilliance of the show lay in the fact that there were no sponsors to please, which allowed for more freedom to experiment, to give time to hone the beauty of balance between scripts, music, and sound effects and techniques to create a product that worked more often than not. Many of the production techniques invented and developed on Columbia Workshop are standard practice today. A direct descendant of the show, CBS Radio Workshop, aired in 1956 and 1957, and can be found under that title in show listings.

There are 84 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Comedy Of Danger Finger Of God July 18, 1936
The Happy Prince December 26, 1936
The Gods Of The Mountain December 19, 1936
History Of The American Patent December 5, 1936
The History of the Patent System November 28, 1936
Hamlet Part 2 of 2 November 14, 1936
Hamlet Part 1 of 2 September 19, 1936
Voyage To Brobdingnag September 12, 1936
The San Quentin Breakout September 5, 1936
Broadway Evening July 25, 1936
Cartwheel August 1, 1936
Experiment-Highway Incident August 8, 1936
Case History August 15, 1936
There Must Be Something Else August 22, 1936
Through the Looking Glass part 2 of 2 December 30, 1937
Through the Looking Glass part 1 of 2 December 23, 1937
Alice in Wonderland part 2 of 2 October 3, 1937
Alice in Wonderland part 1 of 2 September 26, 1937
Babouk June 27, 1937
The Fall Of The City April 11, 1937
Pitch Perception February 13, 1937
Public Domain January 2, 1937
Tristram July 30, 1938
Air Raid October 27, 1938
Drink Of Water November 10, 1938

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